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Our Story

We are all worried about our health, so when Ana was sitting at home while the world was locked down, she began thinking of ways to keep herself and her family healthy during these stressful times.

She spoke to her mother (who has been a practicing doctor for over 37 years) and asked her to research which natural and healthy ingredients would help keep the body’s immune system strong against viruses.

Ana’s mother went even further and looked into the brain’s productivity. She also researched the natural ingredients that help the mind to focus. This is why both honey and green coffee beans were added to the formula that has now become Bee Immune.

Ana then presented the idea to her existing business partners. Between them, they have an unmatched combination of skillsets which includes online sales, production, distribution and brand marketing, giving them the ability to turn the idea into a reality.

As the team got to work, they realized they wanted to stay away from tablets or anything that would denaturalize the product. So the group commissioned a drinks lab to combine the 12 key identified ingredients into a drink.

One of the main ingredients, honey, is very close to Ana’s heart, having grown up next to one of the most famous honey farms in Spain. She could see first-hand what was happening to the global bee population and wondered about how she could use the creation of this new product as a way to help the bee community.

Ana Sports

As a result, she convinced her partners to donate a portion of the profits of each sale to help the struggling bee community. This, however, wasn’t enough for Ana. She went one step further and talked the partners into adding a packet of seeds into every box of Bee Immune so that when customers receive their 7-day course of drinks, they are encouraged to plant the seeds and help one of the world’s most important creatures to survive.

Natural Defense

What's Inside Bee Immune?

Natural Defense

What's Inside Bee Immune?

How Does Bee Immune Help You 'Bee' Productive?

Being productive is all about maintaining a steady speed on the most important things. It’s not about going at maximum speed on everything.

Making a change is about more than simply thinking about it. But better productivity, like any other shift in your life, requires some work on your end. Energy drinks can help you feel busy, but they don’t help you become more productive.

That’s why a Natural Productivity Drink is far more beneficial – BEE IMMUNE to get more things done in short time.

Why Do We Need Bees?

Bees are vital to a healthy environment and economy. They’re also simply beautiful and fascinating little insects. But what makes them so special?

The Benefits of Bee Immune

Coffee & Energy Drinks

  • Antioxidants: coffee is packed with them
  • Anxiety: caffeine increases the body’s stress hormone (cortisol)
  • Sleeplessness: excess caffeine decreases sleep quality, leading consumers to require even more caffeine the next day for the same alertness
  • Harmful ingredients: many energy drinks contain harmful compounds like L-tyrosine and excessive amounts of sugar

Bee Immune

  • Boosts energy: green coffee extract and vitamin B provide less caffeine and a higher chlorogenic acid count while promoting a health metabolism
  • Relieves anxiety: our unique formula reduces anxiety and depression
  • Contains less sugar: unlike sugary energy drinks, Bee Immune contains sugars derived from natural honey and agave nectar
  • Decreases inflammation: turmeric and ginger both work as natural anti-inflammatories
  • Contains heaps of antioxidants: honey, lime, ginger and pitaya powder are packed with far more antioxidants than coffee or regular green tea
  • Encourages better sleep: collagen and honey both contain properties that promote better quality sleep
  • Supports immunity: vitamin D and B, pitaya powder and ginger help support the body’s immune system

Grab your own Bee Immune now

See What Our Customers Have to Say...

“I started taking Bee Immune and after a week, I insisted we stock the product in all our clinics. I felt amazing after using it for just 4 days – it gives you a steady burst of energy. I also found it very helpful with my throat. I would recommend the 7-day challenge to everyone. I have introduced it to all my clients.”
Johannes Fessler
Founder of Cryonis Marbella
“What an amazing product! After trying it for 7 days, I bought all my personal training clients a pack. It gives you a great uplift and really helps you focus on your workout and your day. We now stock it in our gym.”

Rafael Motloch
Trainer & Founder of Reebok Hybrid

See What Doctors Have to Say...

"As a doctor for the last 38 years, my passion and drive has always been to improve my patients health as much as possible in a natural way. Working on this together with Ana was an opportunity to take this further, not only with my own patients but with people worldwide. The benefits of these natural ingredients in combination make it the perfect drink to have first thing in the morning to boost our immune system, especially during seasonal changes, when we need help the most."
Dr Ana Matas
Doctor at SACYL
"Given it is such a fast-paced world in which we live, we should all try to take steps to better look after ourselves. Bee Immune is one of these steps to begin moving in the right direction. I have tried the product myself and love it."

Dr Jorge Planas
Esteemed Specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
"Health is described by some as the absence of illness, however I prefer to use a more positive definition as being in a state of wellbeing. Bee immune fits with my positive definition of health by keeping my body on guard for when I need it."
Dr Kieran Dayah
NHS Doctor

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Got a burning question you want answering? Check out our FAQs below.

Bee Immune is packed with 12 medically proven natural ingredients to boost your immune system and improve your productivity. It can also improve energy levels and focus, decrease stress levels and improve the mood. To find out more behind the science behind each ingredient, visit beeimmune.co/science.

Bee Immune only uses completely natural ingredients that play an essential part in maintaining the mind and body’s health and wellbeing. All ingredients have been proven to boost mood, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, support immunity – plus so much more.

Bee Immune doesn’t contain stimulating compounds like coffee, but most people will feel some positive effects within an hour. For best results, consume Bee Immune for 7 days to allow the natural ingredients to take full effect.


Why not take the 7-day challenge with us for free? Simply add Bee Immune to your morning routine for 7 days, and if after the first week you’re not satisfied, we will give you your money back.

Bee Immune isn’t a replacement for tea or coffee and can be consumed alongside as a supplement alongside your normal morning routine. Bee Immune has longer-term health benefits than both drinks and can safely replace one or two cups of coffee throughout the day. However, Bee Immune isn’t a replacement – it’s a supplement drink.

Bee Immune is completely safe to drink on an empty stomach, but some tummies may be more sensitive to the ingredients than others. If this is the case, we recommend eating a light meal or snack 30 minutes before or after drinking to line the stomach and reduce negative effects.

Yes. Because we only use natural ingredients, Bee Immune is safe to drink alongside medicines. However, consult your doctor beforehand just to make sure.


Turmeric is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, as too much can lead to complications.

Yes. Because we only use natural ingredients, Bee Immune is safe to drink alongside medicines. However, consult your doctor beforehand just to make sure.


Turmeric is not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing, as too much can lead to complications.

Please email us at cancel@beeimmune.co, and we’ll take care of this within 24 hours.


Bees are incredibly important for our planet… we need them! Along with butterflies, hoverflies and other pollinators, bees help to maintain a nutritious food supply for the entire world. They’re expert pollinators and keep the cycle going by transferring pollen from flowering plants.

But climate change, pesticides and limited food sources are causing our bee populations to decline at an alarming rate. Without bees, we would lose the plants they pollinate, our supermarkets would have half the amount of fruit and vegetables, and the global population would struggle to remain sustained.

As a species, we need to act fast to help improve the population of bees. We’ve teamed up with Australia Zoo, which is run by the Irwin family, to try to make a difference. Australia Zoo has over 30 beehives throughout its grounds. Once these hives grow in size, they split off and create natural hives in the surrounding area.

These small, native bees are especially important to the environment. They face competition from species introduced to the area, and some plants rely solely on them for pollination. The stingless bees that call the zoo home create a substance from mixing plant resin and beeswax called propolis. Bees use the propolis to construct the inside of their hives. Propolis is famed for its natural healing properties, so Australia Zoo has started to use this material to treat boat strike wounds in sea turtles. The propolis is essential because it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.

We’re incredibly pleased and proud to announce that a percentage of profits from every Bee Immune drink sold will go to the zoo so that they can expand their natural bee programme. By purchasing additional beehives, Australia Zoo can distribute them to schools, indigenous Australian communities to encourage the bee population to thrive.

Ana - Bees

And with every Bee Immune you purchase, we will send you a packet of wildflower seeds that you can plant to provide a nutritious food source our bees desperately need. By planting these seeds, you will be helping our community grow and be safer worldwide.

Please plant them and become part of the #beesaviours.

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