Boosting Your Immune System, Naturally

In the last year or so, the world has been immeasurably changed by the COVID-19 virus and
the various measures put in place in an attempt to control its spread. As vaccines are now
steadily being rolled out in many countries, it is natural that people are finally starting to feel
slightly safer again. Globally, we are taking slow, steady steps towards something which
resembles the normality which was abandoned in 2020. One positive to come from the events
of the last 12 months is a newfound appreciation for our bodies’ natural immune systems.
It would be disingenuous to imply that a healthy immune system is a replacement for social
distancing, masks, or vaccinations.

With that in mind, though, there is no doubt that it helps to
protect an individual from infections of all sorts. Predictably, the market has seen an influx of
pills and potions that supposedly boost the immune system and keep the consumer safe. There
is usually, however, a sting in the tail. Many of these concoctions are made up of potentially
harmful substances and unnatural additives – taste, shelf life, and cost are the overriding factors
that can cause manufacturers to compromise when it comes to ingredients.

That is not the case with Bee Immune. Developed by Spanish model Ana Santos in conjunction
with her mother, a practicing doctor for 37 years, this is an all-natural solution which not only
boosts immunity but also productivity. Unlike traditional energy drinks, Bee Immune is not
designed to get your heart racing and your eyes twitching. This is part of a healthy lifestyle that
helps an individual feel calmly energised for a more prolonged period. Consistently productive
rather than a short-term chemical high.

The ingredients in Bee immune are few, simple, and natural. Turmeric is widely known for its
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. Ginger has long been used as a natural remedy for
everything from nausea and high blood sugar to indigestion and cholesterol, and is often taken
in isolation in the form of ginger shots. The nectar of the agave plant has been a part of natural
medicine in The Americas for centuries and provides a uniquely sweet taste.

Further ingredients can be found on the ​ company’s site​ but there are only 12 in total, all of which are naturally occurring. The importance of natural ingredients to consumers should not be underestimated – the fact the YUKA has 20 million users scanning their food and cosmetics is testament to that. Bees are, of course, central to this product and our planet as a whole. As well as a helping of honey within the drink itself, a portion of proceeds from each and every sale will go directly towards saving this vital insect’s struggling population.

A packet of seeds will also be included in every box, in the hope that Bee Immune users will be encouraged to plant flowers to provide sustenance for any bees in their area. This is a cause that is particularly close to Ana’s heart, with her having spent her formative years in close proximity to one of Spain’s most famous
honey farms. Bee Immune: Naturally good for the mind, the body, and the bees.

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