What could be better on a warm summer evening than a zesty, refreshing cocktail? What about a zesty, refreshing cocktail that is good for your body and mind? BeeImmune productivity drink is an all-natural solution that boosts both your energy levels and your immune system. On top of that, it is delicious – especially as a key component of the mocktails you’ll find below. Good for you and guilt-free, read on for some summer inspiration…

Sunset Fizz

This is a sweet and tangy drink that sees our BeeImmune perfectly complemented by the age-old combination of apple and vanilla. Lime juice adds a delightful citrus kick and then the whole thing is topped up with soda water for a refreshing fizz.

1 x bottle BeeImmune
2/3 oz vanilla syrup
1/3 oz lime juice
2 oz apple juice
Top with soda

No Brunch Without My Mocktail

For a drink full of goodness and vitamins, BeeImmune is an excellent starting point. Adding that to orange juice and ginger takes it up a notch in terms of both health benefits and flavour. Orange juice is of course full of vitamin C, adding to the B and D which you will already find in your bottle of BeImmune. You can find out all about the benefits of ginger on the BeImmune homepage – there’s a reason we include this in the drink! With this one, the tangy flavour almost comes as an afterthought compared to the multitude of health benefits.

1 x bottle BeeImmune
2/3 oz fresh ginger juice
2/3 oz kiwi syrup
2 oz fresh orange juice

Spicy Boost

This one is for the adventurous among you! Sweet, sour, and spicy – BeeImmune #3 is the mocktail equivalent of fusion cuisine. The mixture of flavours is sure to tantalise the tongue, while the fresh apple juice adds a familiar, comforting note to ensure that neither the spice nor the citrus flavour overpowers.

1 x bottle BeeImmune
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz sugar syrup
2/3 oz fresh apple juice
1/2 fresh hot chilli pepper
2 fresh strawberries
mocktail 3
mocktail 4

Breakfast Biscuit

Breakfast, pre-workout, and recovery shake all in one. In the same way that BeeImmune is good for a variety of purposes – enhancing focus, boosting your immune system, and keeping your body generally healthy – this particular drink is perfect any time of day, and for any reason. It tastes delicious as well, as you would expect!

1 x bottle BeeImmune
⅓ oz orgeat syrup
⅓ oz coffee syrup
⅓ oz vanilla syrup
1 ½ oz fresh lime juice
⅓ oz egg yolk

Tropical Bomb

This one will transport you to a tropical beach. Pineapple, passion fruit, and lime will not only boost your immune system and tantalise your tastebuds; they can change your mindset and prime your body for relaxation. From the first sip, you can practically feel the warm sand between your toes and hear the distant sounds of steel drums and lapping waves. The familiar sweet notes of vanilla prevent the citrus sharpness from overpowering.

1 x bottle BeeImmune
1 oz pineapple juice
½ oz passion fruit puree
½ x fresh passion fruit
1 oz fresh lime juice
⅔ oz vanilla syrup
Mocktail 6

Summer Goodness

Delightfully tart and sweet while also being full of goodness, this is the best of both worlds when it comes to indulgent beverages. The red berry puree makes this an instant summer classic; deliciously fruity with a cool, refreshing touch of mint and zesty lime undertones. Cheers!

1 x bottle BeeImmune
1 oz fresh lime juice
1/3 oz cinnamon syrup
1 oz red berry puree
5-6 x leaves fresh mint
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