Saving The Bees – The Latest Celebrity Craze

In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that bees are an integral part of life on this
planet. Of course, naturalists and scientists have known this all along but the ever-increasing
ease with which knowledge is shared means that the general population are now aware of how important these little super-insects are.

They pollinate food crops from fruit trees to coffee and vanilla, as well as other crops such as cotton. Add to this the pollination of wild plants and bees are also a vital ally in the ongoing fight against climate change. Inevitably, an increase in public interest regarding the importance and the struggles of bees has led to an upturn in the number of celebrities who have decided to turn
their hands to beekeeping.

From Morgan Freeman to Jeremy Clarkson, from Queen Elizabeth II
to David and Victoria Beckham, it appears that anyone with a public following and a substantial
patch of land is now providing a habitat for our striped heroes.

One person who has gone a step further than amateur beekeeping is Spanish model Ana Santos Matas. Having grown up within a stone’s throw of one of Spain’s largest honey farms,
she has witnessed up close the impact that bees can have on an environment, as well as the difficulties bee populations have faced in recent years. Combined with a keen interest in the
human body and in particular the immune system, the foundation was laid for Ana’s latest
business venture.

Bee Immune is a unique, natural productivity drink. Developed during extensive consultations with Ana’s mother, a practicing doctor for 37 years, this drink contains a host of ingredients designed to increase energy and concentration levels whilst simultaneously boosting your immune system. It combines several popular natural immune system enhancers in one. No
need for a ginger shot, a turmeric shot, collagen shots or honey shots – it’s all in there, along
with several other all-natural ingredients which can be viewed on the company website.

The active ingredients cover a whole range of benefits, from natural antioxidants to natural
painkillers and anti-nausea medication. Indeed, the majority of ingredients that make up Bee Immune have been used in natural medicines for hundreds, if not thousands, of years

But where do the bees come into this, I hear you ask. As well as the obvious that honey makes
up a considerable portion of these immune boosting drinks, a proportion of profits on each and
every sale will go directly to charities which aid bee conservation projects. Every pack will also
include a selection of seeds to grow flowers which will provide nourishment for the little winged
miracle workers for generations to come.

If you are interested in the Bee Immune story, or bees in general, why not visit or follow the journey on Instagram?

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